Did you know that our skin peaks when we are in our late teens to early twenties? It’s true. After about twenty two, our skin quality begins to diminish. Facial fat, which is what gives us a youthful appearance, begins to decrease, and collagen and elastin production begin to slow down. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body, and is what gives our skin its strength, and also aids in cell regeneration. Elastin is another body protein that is critical for skin health. It allows the skin to move and stretch. When these proteins are depleted, we can develop microcracks that collect germs and dirt, which eventually cause blemishes. These cracks can also develop into wrinkles and make us look older.

There are many over the counter treatments that promise to treat the skin by adding back collagen, elastin, and other nutrients claim to recapture our youth. Cosmetic surgeons now offer many aesthetic procedures like laser skin rejuvenation, Botox, and other fillers to even out our visage. You may even consider having a face lift or other invasive (and painful) procedure to update your look.

These treatments can be time consuming, costly, and yield only temporary benefits. This can be frustrating for many people.

What if there was an easy and affordable treatment to give your skin a boost in just a few minutes? Well, there is! Whole Body Cryotherapy offers clients several anti-aging benefits, boosting your beauty by delivering an icy blast (-130 to -150) degrees.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the process of using extreme cold as a way to reset your skin cells back to their normal function. The body’s response to cold is to heat your body back up, and does so by increasing blood flow. Increased blood flood brings more oxygen, vitamins, and other nutrients to the skin. Additionally, collagen production is increased, and skin becomes tightened, smooth, and toned.

The experience takes less than three minutes. Many patients begin to see results soon after their first treatment, but regular sessions will yield better, and longer lasting, results. Question about cryo? Call Elite Cryo today at 214.705.1688 for more information and to book a session today!