Happy New Year! It’s 2017 – a brand new year! A new year means usually means a lot of celebrating – and almost always includes the making of promises and positive resolutions to revamp yourself into a new, better you.  These resolutions often include eating more vegetables, working out every day, and saving money. Some resolutions are harder to keep than others, and because of this many people usually give up on their plans around mid-February, and vow that they’ll just try harder next year. There is one way, however, that you can become a new you without making a list of promises you may not be able to keep. You can become a new you –literally – through cell regeneration brought on by whole body cryotherapy.

The cells in our body are constantly in flux – dividing, regenerating, and even dying. Cells that are old or damaged are shed, and are quickly replaced by new ones. But, if we ae injured or sick, or even as a result of age, this process slows down. When cell regeneration slows, our bodies take longer to heal, tissue and skin quality begin to wane, and we begin to visibly age. We also develop painful joint conditions and other conditions that can negatively impact our health and quality of life.

Whole body cryotherapy helps the body continue to regenerate cells throughout the life cycle. Cells that are older may be killed off as the body cools down, and the natural cell regeneration process is also kick started. New, healthy cells are generated and the body is renewed. An additional benefit of a whole body cryotherapy is that the blood vessels dilate and rush blood to the skin and other parts of the body in an effort to warm up again after cryotherapy. Along with blood, nutrients and oxygen are carried to the skin and tissues. These elements are critical components for cell repairing damaged cells.

Cell regeneration brought on by whole body cryotherapy can alleviate painful conditions brought on by tissue damage, like arthritis or tendonitis. Skin conditions like psoriasis also improve, as damaged and abnormal skin cells are destroyed or repaired after an icy blast.

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