Many of our customers are cryotherapy pros- but we often get questions and calls from individuals looking to try out cryotherapy or are wondering what it’s all about. We put together this blog post for individuals with questions and to advise people what to look for in a cryotherapy center:

Safety First. Whole body cryotherapy is completely safe, but there are some things to look out for when visiting a whole body cryotherapy center. Look out for employees that are knowledgeable about cryotherapy safety. Proper safety measures must be taken to protect delicate skin. This includes wearing socks, gloves, and slippers. Male clients should also wear underwear (cotton briefs versus boxers) in order to protect the skin during the session. These items are provided to Elite Cryo customers at no charge.

Knowledgeable Employees. Employees at any cryotherapy center should also be knowledgeable and able to explain the cryosauna experience step by step, and how it effects your body. When the body is exposed to Whole Body Cryotherapy, the blood vessels of your extremities undergo vasoconstriction (narrowing) to keep the blood concentrated within your core, protecting your vital organs. When the cryotherapy session has concluded and your skin begins to return to its normal temperature, those same blood vessels also return to their natural state by vasodilation (widening). The body naturally responds by sending the oxygen-rich blood that was previously under pressure within its core back out to your extremities. The body also distributes endorphins throughout the circulatory and nervous systems providing the client with pain relief and an invigorating and energized mood.

And Don’t Forget. In addition to explaining how cryotherapy works, employees should also explain some fine points of cryotherapy, too. Such as what to expect during and after the procedure, how long the procedure will last, and how often you can do cryotherapy (one time per day). They should also advise you that if you are ill, you will not be able to have cryotherapy while you are sick.

We hope that you will visit Elite Cryo for whole body cryotherapy, Normatec, or our Sunlighten Signature II Far Infrared Sauna. If you have question about cryotherapy or Elite Cryo, give us a call today at 972.705.1688.