We all know the pain of leg day. Or should we say, the pain of the day after leg day. It hurts to walk, go up the steps, and if it your trainer was particularly brutal, trying to stand up after sitting at your desk is enough to make you scream. Drinking water can help flush out that lactic acid and time will help those sore muscles, but if you want to recover faster, it’s time to consider NormaTec.

NormaTec was initially developed as a therapy to treat patients with circulation problems. Now, NormaTec is an FDA-approved treatment and is the industry leader in recovery system and are used by professional athletes and trainers around the world. NormaTec uses air compression to massage your limbs and speed your recovery. NormaTec is painless and minimally invasive. NormaTec is a gentle massage that makes your sore muscles feel better, while its unique pattern of massage encourages blood flow. NormaTec can make your tired muscles feel great even after the most grueling of workouts.

Using NormaTec in combination with Whole Body Cryotherapy at Elite Cryo helps you recover faster, and many clients find that when the two are used together, there is also an increase in performance.

NormaTec is also a great way to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation can occur for a variety of reasons, but it is the body’s immediate defense to illness. By encouraging blood flow, NormaTec brings blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to areas that are inflamed. It is also an excellent way to increase blood flow necessary for healing of injured muscles or connective tissue.

Elite Cryo has NormaTec sleeves for both arms and legs, so you can experience total body benefits during your visit. If you’re interested in NormaTec and have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 214.705.1688.