Sitting in a sauna has serious relaxation benefits, but are there bigger benefits?

Yes. There are many benefits to using a sauna like the Sunlighten Signature II Far Infrared Sauna we have here at Elite Cryo! Saunas have some significant benefits beyond helping you relax or ease sore muscles after a workout.

Benefits of saunas include:

1. Improved Memory. A recent study published in the journal Age and Aging has linked the regular use of a sauna to a reduced risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers believe benefit comes from increase blood flow benefits brought on by sauna use.

2. Improved Recovery. Saunas help to improve recovery times because the heat of far infrared saunas penetrates the cells of the body more than regular saunas. According to Finnish scientists, the heat of far infrared saunas helps heal sore muscles, improving your recovery even after just 30 minutes!

3. Reduced Pain. Saunas have been proven to reduce pain and even anger- and some patients report prolonged benefits as long as two years after regular sauna therapy.

4. Improved Heart Health. A Journal of the American Medical Association study showed saunas have the power to lower high blood pressure while improving circulation. Additionally, researchers have linked saunas to lowering cholesterol in participants who used the sauna every other day.

5. Improved Overall Health. Saunas make you sweat. Sweating releases toxins that make you sick, and also bolsters your immune system by provoking the body to produce more white blood cells – which defend your body against germs and illness.

Individuals with heart conditions and underlying medical conditions should consult their physician before using a sauna.

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