Do you know that bad form is one of the leading causes of injury when working out?

Lifting, squatting, jumping, or running the wrong way on the treadmill can cause muscles and joints to work in ways that are unnatural and may cause painful sprains, strains, pulls, and even tears. Long-term misuse can also contribute to the development of tendonitis and arthritis; two conditions that can sideline you from your favorite sport or athletic activity.

Check your form with these tips:

1. Bad posture on machines. It’s tempting to lean or hunch over when on the treadmill or stair stepper, but you may not be doing your body good. Stand up or sit up straight on the machine you’re working on to prevent back and neck pain. Make sure to turn your hands inward, so your elbows bow out.
Keep a relaxed posture, look ahead, and hold your core tight during your workout.

2. Correct those crunches. While it may seem hard to believe, ab exercises require very minimal movement. While you may be tempted to flail about a bit in order and lead with your neck to get up and down, doing so may cause you to pull a muscle. Use an abdominal ball to assist you during your ab workout, or switch to core-strengthening exercises like planks, Pilates, or yoga.

3. Look when you lift. For many years, athletic trainers taught clients and classes to look up when lifting. This position can not only hurt your neck; it can cause strain in your back and shoulders, too. Over time, this stress can lead to pain and may even cause immobility. Instead of looking up, keep your eyes straight ahead and hold your neck straight.

4. Stretch it out. Stretching is an essential part of your workout. Jumping in without warming up your cold muscles may result in a painful pulled muscle or torn tendon.

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