Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whole body cryotherapy has been researched and studied throughout the world for over 3 decades. During this time, countless individuals have experienced the numerous benefits cryotherapy produces as a result of the body’s exposure to extremely low temperatures for a short duration. In a cryosauna, these temperatures are achieved using dry gasiform nitrogen which penetrates the skin to a depth of approximately 0.5mm keeping tissue and muscle protected, in contrast to traditional ice baths which can be damaging due to prolonged exposure.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the cryosauna easily accommodates adults between 5 ft – 6.5 ft tall. When you enter the cryosauna, you’ll step onto a motorized lift that the technician will elevate to a height such that your body from the shoulders down is subjected to the ultra-cool temperature. Therefore your head remains above the cooling chamber, allowing you to breathe the air from the main room while maintaining constant eye contact with the cryosauna operator. It is physically impossible for your head to be fully enclosed within the cooling chamber at any time.

Clients completing cryotherapy sessions CANNOT be sick and must be free of a fever for at least 48 hours.

Cryotherapy sessions are only redeemable by the recipient of the initial session and are not refundable or transferable.

Extreme cold cryotherapy sessions experienced in a cryosauna affect the body quite differently than traditional ice baths where the body is immersed within ice cold water. Cryosauna sessions last no longer than three minutes and the dry gasiform nitrogen only penetrates the top skin layers to a depth of approximately 0.5mm. Skin receptors cause the brain to narrow the blood vessels (vasodilation), restricting blood flow to the body’s core thereby protecting vital internal organs. Alternatively, cold water therapy received in an ice bath, typically lasts much longer, between 15 – 20 minutes, and is generally an uncomfortable experience. The body’s contact with ice cold water initially causes it to send blood warmed in its core to the outer extremities to protect against tissue and muscle damage. Eventually, the body succumbs to its battle against the cold water environment and it begins to cool first on the skin, progressing inwards towards its core. Left unchecked, hypothermia may set in as the tissue and muscles continue to cool.

Clients are limited to 1 cryotherapy session per day.

Whole body cryotherapy was pioneered by Dr. Toshiro Yamauchi of Japan, who in 1978 began to treat the pain and inflammation of his rheumatoid arthritis patients by applying freezing sessions of short duration to their skin. As the effectiveness of whole body cryotherapy spread across the globe, it found greatest popularity in Europe where it has been embraced for the past 3 decades through extensive research and testing by the medical community. In recent years, the demand for whole body cryotherapy in North America has exploded with professional athletes, who have discovered it reduces the recovery period of training or injury compared to traditional ice baths.

When the body is exposed to Whole Body Cryotherapy, the blood vessels of your extremities undergo vasoconstriction (narrowing) in order to keep the blood concentrated within your core, protecting your vital organs. When the cryotherapy session has concluded and your skin begins to return to its normal temperature, those same blood vessels also return to their natural state by vasodilation (widening). The body naturally responds by sending the oxygen-rich blood that was previously under pressure within its core back out to your extremities. The body also distributes endorphins throughout the circulatory and nervous systems providing the client with pain relief and an invigorating and energized mood.

Payment is due upon receipt of session if choosing à la carte sessions. Memberships are paid in full the day of signing up.

We accept credit, debit, and cash.

Your cryotherapy session should last no longer than 3 minutes, and your appointment should last approximately 15 minutes (including your cryotherapy session).

In order to properly cool and receive the optimum therapy, skin needs to be exposed to the dry gasiform nitrogen produced by the cryosauna. Women may safely complete their cryotherapy session while nude, but men need to wear additional protection and should bring tight, cotton briefs or boxer briefs. Furthermore, Elite Cryo provides all clients with socks, gloves and slippers to protect those extremities.

During your cryotherapy session, the cryosauna operates at a temperature between -130°C to -150°C over an interval of 2–3 minutes. Trained technicians will supervise your automated session during this entire time. Clients should not touch any interior surface of the cryosauna and extremities are protected from frostbite by dry socks, gloves and slippers which are supplied by Elite Cryo.

Elite Cryo provides all clients with socks, gloves and slippers. Men need to wear additional protection and should bring cotton tight briefs or boxer briefs.

First, relax. Cryotherapy has been extensively researched and tested since 1978 throughout the world. For a detailed description of what to expect during your visit, please read, "What happens during my cryotherapy session?".