Definition and Origin

Cryotherapy is the remedial application of cold temperatures to the body for therapy of physical and mental illnesses.  Whole Body Cryotherapy expands this practice from small, localized applications to exposing the greater body to very low temperatures. Clients receive individualized therapy in a cryosauna, a state-of-the-art machine that lowers skin temperature to approximately 30° F.  Cryotherapy sessions are performed by a qualified technician trained to operate the cryosauna both safely and effectively.

Whole body cryotherapy was pioneered by Dr. Toshiro Yamauchi of Japan, who in 1978 began to administer to the pain and inflammation of his rheumatoid arthritis patients by applying freezing sessions of short duration to their skin. As the effectiveness of whole body cryotherapy spread across the globe, it found greatest popularity in Europe where it has been embraced for the past thirty years through extensive research and testing by the medical community. In recent years, demand for whole body cryotherapy in North America has exploded with professional athletes, who have discovered it reduces the recovery period of training or injury compared to traditional ice baths.

What happens during my cryotherapy session?

Cryosauna ready for client

Your safety, privacy and comfort are our priority during your cryotherapy session. When you arrive, you will check in with our receptionist who will verbally review the procedure and ensure that you have completed any necessary client waivers. A technician will show you to your private dressing room where you will remove all clothing and metal jewelry. Men should protect themselves with tight cotton briefs or boxers (undergarments are optional for women). After you’ve undressed, you’ll put on socks, gloves and slippers provided by Elite Cryo. You’ll make your way to the cryosauna, which stands upright with a single, hinged door, and an opening for your head. It is not physically possible to be entirely enclosed in the cryosauna.

Once inside, you’ll notify the technician waiting in another room that you are ready to proceed via an adjacent wall switch. The technician will enter the room and will manually raise the small platform you’re standing on inside the cryosauna so that only your head is visible above the cooling chamber. Once you indicate you are ready to begin, the technician will initialize the automated cooling procedure.

Cryosauna Control Panel

Over the course of approximately three minutes, your body will be surrounded by dry, gasiform nitrogen cooled to an ultra-low temperature between -130°C to -150°C. During this time, the surface of your skin will cool to nearly 30°F while your core body temperature will remain unchanged. Our technician will remain with you throughout the session, constantly monitoring your safety and comfort.

After three minutes, the cooling process will stop and the elevated lift will return to floor height. Once again our technician will leave so you may return to the dressing room in private. You’ll immediately feel the therapeutic and invigorating effects of oxygen-rich blood filled with endorphins as your skin temperature returns to normal.

You’re now ready to conquer your day feeling refreshed, energized and in a euphoric state of wellness!